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Development Progress Report #2

Feb 12, 2021


Yearn Classic

Development Progress Report #2

Dear Community Members

Since the last update, the team have been working on several key areas of the project. The following key points will give an overview of how the project is progressing:-

• The distribution of EARN airdrop for participants in the airdrop campaign has started

• A total of 61000+ bot subscriptions

• 20000+ subscriptions to the bot completed all tasks as per eligibility requirements

• 17000+ valid addresses were provided by the participants

• Airdrop to all the eligible and valid addresses started in December 2019


• A new website which will support all future requirements of the project in the future is now live

• With at most priority we completed the backbone of product launch sooner than expected working relentlessly
Development Vaults, EARNSWAP, earNFT, Governance

• Developing APIs and services to integrate all the products onto a single platform

• Developing the contracts for Vaults

• Developing contracts with modified architecture to support future needs of EARNSWAP

• Researching on the price pegging for e-assets

• Designing NFTs for EARN

• Governance is another important component of the EARN project. The team will intend to roll out governance components and extend the scope phase by phase to ensure a smooth transition.

Please note that there is no guarantee that all our products are completely risk-free.

The next development update is expected to be released next month! The team believe it is vital that all members of the EARN community are kept up to date with the progress & development of the project and without the support of our members this project would not be possible.

Thank you!