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Development Progress Report #3

Mar 23, 2021



EARN March 2021 Development Progress Update

Over the past month, the development team have continued with the progression of the project. As mentioned in previous updates, the aim is to ensure that no compromises are made with the project, mainly in respect to security, hence the speed of the project. The team aims to be as transparent as possible as the success of this project is not only dependent on the team, but also the EARN community that is supporting the project.

The following key points summarise the current progress of EARN:
•    API development for the vaults, EARNSWAP, earNFT have been completed
•    Frontend website for Vaults, Farms, EARNSWAP have been completed
•    Frontend Development for earNFT is currently in progress
•    Due to ETH gas fees surge it was decided to delay the launch of vaults on ETH until
•    stable ETH 2.0. However , the team in the mean time will launch vaults EARNSWAP,
•    earNFT on BSC
•    EARN token contract has been deployed on BSC
•    Vaults for BSC chain have been developed and are under internal security audit for
•    Review
•    Work has started on Vaults, EARNSWAP, earNFT on EGLD, IOST, NEO and Cardiano
•    With the initiative of multi-platform DeFi vaults and EARNSWAP, the team will disrupt
•    the DeFi industry in DEFI 2.0
•    With the same circulation supply of 21000 EARN, there will be multi chain DeFi
•    ecosystem, bringing interoperability between all the chains

The tokens on BSC and ETH will be subject to burn and will be minted on new chains upon launch on EGLD, IOST, NEO and Cardano. Users can transfer their tokens to any of the chains dependent upon individual requirements. Existing token holders on any of the chains will not be affected with this process.